The professionals for turning, milling and wire EDM.


We specialise in complex components with high precision standards. Thanks to the latest technology, a high level of automation and a quality-assured process, we produce customised components in an efficient, innovative way.


Our CNC-controlled lathes are optimised for cost-effective production with high quality standards. Diameter range Ø 4-350 mm.


Machining centres with robot automation and measurement integrated in the machine create the right conditions for greater capacity and quality-assured production.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM allows machining to the very highest standards. Our large capacity is suitable for both serial production and toolmaking.

The right quality from the start saves everyone time, frustration and money.


Our quality management is based on skills and the right equipment. Read more about how we quality-assure your product.


We design our own automation to make sure it suits our unique needs.

Production technology

It all starts at the design stage.

Our modern machinery is complemented by unique craftsmanship.