About us

FIG Metal is a modern manufacturer of advanced components through turning, milling and wire EDM. In a nutshell, we’re pros at turning and machining. You’ll find us in Söderby just outside Gnosjö. While the location is where things began in 1937, the building has grown. Our 3500 m2 (soon 4800 m2) accommodate no fewer than 18 CNC-controlled lathes, 10 CNC-controlled machining centres, two 5-axis Integrex machines and four wire EDM machines.  


FISKEREDSKAPSINDUSTRI JOHANSSON & CO AB was founded in 1937 by Bertil Johansson, Erik Johansson, Emil Hageberg, David Hageberg and Helge Svanholm. It is known today as FIG Metall AB. Initially, fishing was the primary business area with products such as fishing lures, wobblers and spinners. Perhaps you already know the Black Bee Spinner, developed and manufactured by FIG. Over time, our products proliferated and we began producing bar soap tins, bicycle locks, sandpit spades, tweezers, windscreen wipers for tractor cabs, bag hangers and so forth. There’s a long list of products manufactured by FIG. Our automatic lathes also did subcontract work and laid the foundations for the FIG Metall we see today.


In 1991, FIG was split into two companies, FIG Metall and FIG Sportfiske. FIG Metall ceased producing fishing gear to focus entirely on subcontract manufacturing.


In 2005, FIG Metall AB was acquired by Swemix AB. Since then, we’ve invested more than SEK 50 million in new machinery and equipment, creating the modern factory you see today.  We always welcome visitors. Enjoy our museum, discover our history, see the products we’ve made and the ingenious ways in which we made them. Then step out of the museum and into our modern workshop. The products are new, the machines up-to-date and the building is steeped in know-how. 


Since 2005, we have been part of the Swemix Group, a strong local owner in Gnosjö.